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Sharing A Love & Enthusiasm for Homes

I became a real estate agent by choice - it was no accident.  Years of soul searching uncovered my two passions - supporting people (individuals, couples, and families) and Bay Area homes. I love how a home can change behavior based on its floor plan, the number of levels, or the garden connection that expands the inside to the outside. I love how the condition of a home communicates a story about its history and its potential. I love finding the best spot to be in a home’s landscape. And I love how a home can make a dramatic positive impact on those who live within.


Connecting you to information that matters

A home is both a long-term investment and a solution to fit your current needs. As a guide and advocate, I outline a process and provide a custom experience that I find works based on your particular goals. You will see your options presented, but you will also hear my recommendations giving you a clear sense of what is normal in the marketplace, how to limit your liability, and increase the likelihood of an accepted offer - whether in a purchase or a sale of a home. I will turn information into a way forward, helping you navigate compromises, refine your target, and build awareness of how our market works. I am not your lawyer, not your roof, drainage or foundation expert. I am however an experienced agent who can explain why a home is unique within a context of other homes, the good and the ugly, and what it’s worth. I will deliver an approach informed by years of local experience to help you reach your goal.

Work with Alex and Rick

Alex and Rick are known for their work ethic, patience, and dedication. They deliver technology, connections, and local knowledge to create a smooth and efficient buying and selling experience. Feel free to contact them today to start your home search or to sell a property!

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