A buyer experience merging knowledge of east bay markets, homes, and people

Knowing the market and submitting an offer that stands apart are key. To get there, buyers need personalized education, dedicated advocacy, and local expertise to help determine whether a home is worth pursuing and the price it deserves. Along with loan, legal, and insurance advisors, appraisers and inspectors, Alex also responds to primary concerns, including insurance liability, tax implications, closing costs, and home repair. With his calm, reflective style and focus on clear communications, Alex helps buyers turn important information into a clear path forward. 

A home is an investment

The condition of a property communicates a story about its history, its neglect, and its potential. With his renovation and investment experience, Alex helps translate this story to his clients and helps them feel comfortable with the decision to purchase.


More reasons to work with Alex

Alex will...

  • Listen and deliver expert feedback helping you crystalize a vision of a home you wish to buy
  • Provide targeted properties that meet an established criteria
  • Emphasize the strengths and weakness of a neighborhood, a street, a specific home
  • Determine what repairs need immediate attention
  • Identify improvements that further increase a home's appeal, comfort and return on investment
  • Outline key disclosures issues within the local market context
  • Offer initial and final pricing recommendations
  • Detail the components of a great offer
  • Negotiate tactfully to meet client expectations

When working with Alex, you get more than a typical agent can deliver. Alex is your advocate, renovation consultant, and guide - he walks with you through a process building trust and partnership, step by step.


By agreeing to work with you, I invest my time. To ensure you are satisfied and our time well spent, I offer the following list of commitments to you. I encourage asking questions, providing feedback, and following up with me, because to ensure a successful purchase, each of these action steps are essential  - the more aligned we are, the faster and easier a purchase will be. This is not a checklist. Rather, each step is a coordinated effort that needs customization.  When expecting the best results, there is no routine I could follow. I hold myself accountable for the following commitments and will:

Together, these steps are my promise to you. The more feedback I receive, the better I can help and the faster the target becomes clear. These steps represent the fundamentals of what I will do for you - all of which aim to limit liability while increasing your readiness to buy and live within a home. Once engaged, I will think of you daily and you will hear from me as I check in now and then. 

I very much look forward to working together.

- Alex

Work with Alex and Rick

Alex and Rick are known for their work ethic, patience, and dedication. They deliver technology, connections, and local knowledge to create a smooth and efficient buying and selling experience. Feel free to contact them today to start your home search or to sell a property!

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