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In the stormy waters of east bay real estate, Alex is nothing short of a life raft. You will not find a more considerate, knowledgeable, genuine ally. His depth of understanding of the market, experience in house renovations, and gentle, practical, no-pressure approach will have you cherish his counsel. He takes the time to understand you, to help you develop your vision, and then to bring that vision to life.

JERRY B. | Buyer

Purchasing a home under normal circumstances is extraordinarily stressful. More so in the Bay area today. You need to be working with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable, has good judgement and can stay calm while you are overwhelmed and filled with anxiety; someone who can provide excellent council in evaluating the market, assist in putting together an appropriate offer, guide you through the process to avoid pitfalls and help in overcoming obstacles. Alex is there to help you in reaching your goal with understanding and care. He did just that for me and my wife. He can do that for you!

JUSTIN D. | Buyer

Alex is outstanding. Here are three reasons why: 1. He has renovated homes professionally, so he can tell you what is not obvious about the home you're looking at, in terms of the potential cost of hidden problems as well as the potential to improve the property. Perfect homes are rare, and expensive; Alex can help you clearly see any home. 2. He is low drama. Buying a home is stressful, and Alex helps everyone breathe. If you can breathe, you can make good decisions. 3. He is really good with numbers. If you happen to care about the financial implications of your home-buying decision, whether single family or multi-unit, Alex is the best possible person to help you understand what it all adds up to. Great person, great skillset, great ally!

PETER S. | Buyer

Alex is really one of a kind in terms of the service he provides. One thing I learned after going through everything is this industry is about relationships. Your agent is not only selling you, but they are selling themselves and they are selling the loan. It makes sense then to have an agent who is put together, calm, confident, and honest. That is Alex Michas in a nutshell. His all-encompassing approach is something you will not find in a real estate agent today. What is normally a very stressful process for a first timer, felt completely taken care of from all angles thanks to Alex. I could not recommend him more highly. It would be a mistake on your part not to call him.

JESSICA H. | Buyer

Alex is an amazing asset to anyone looking to buy or sell a home - he is honest, intelligent, grounded, calm & kind - traits I don't usually use to describe folks in real estate. After 6 years on and off the market in Marin County I'd all but given up finding a home we'd truly love, could afford, and had a chance winning in this ridiculously competitive sellers market. When our dream home came on the market I needed someone who I could trust and work with in a high pressure situation. I wanted someone who could give me honest and informed feedback on the integrity of the building structure, help me comb through the disclosures to identify red flags, and then negotiate on my behalf with the selling agent. Alex was all that and more. The combination of Alex's temperament, integrity, compassion, attention to detail, knowledge of building construction and experience with home renovation makes him an invaluable asset to his client, and pleasure for all parties involved. The sellers agent actually told me Alex was one of the best REALTORS she's closed a deal with!

CALE S. | Buyer

For a home buyer, the entire process can seem like the most confusing thing someone will do in their adult life. Alex has been an incredible asset for me as I learned how to find the right house for me, pull the right levers when making a winning offer, and ultimately led to me purchasing my home (on only the 4th try!). I'm so thankful for Alex's patience and thoroughness. I felt like I was in the right hands and would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Alex is known for his work ethic, patience, and dedication. He delivers technology, connections, and local knowledge to create a smooth and efficient buying and selling experience. Contact him today to start your home search or to sell a property!

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