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Rick just sold a house for me. I am very happy with the result, and with the work Rick put in to make it happen. He really knows everything about selling houses in this area including having a network of stagers, cleaners, gardeners, movers, floor finishers, etc to make sure the house shows optimally. His marketing materials were compelling, and I was impressed with the way he negotiated the best deal for me. And finally he was a pleasure to work with - charming upbeat, and calm - which made the stressful experience easier to get through. I know this sounds gushing, but he really is a much better agent than I've had in the past.


Personally, I think some of the elements that make Rick such a unique and successful Realtor are of course his attention to detail, his enthusiasm and his overall knowledge of not only the market, but the process it takes to get the highest possible price for a house! (and of course, his loyal and dedicated team.


I highly recommend Rick Richetta. To make a long story short, Rick helped us sell our home in 2011 with great success. Timing was not good as the economy was in bad shape and it was right around Thanksgiving time (arguably one of the worst seasonal periods of the year) but we still got it done. I had previously used realtors from other local outfits, both Grubb and Pac Union, but I chose to try someone different this time because at the end of all the other transactions, I never felt like I had received a great value for the commission I was paying. In essence I always felt that we could have done better. Rick paid close attention to all the details and arranged for everything (documentation, inspections, stagers, marketing, etc.) to be done quickly and easily, without intruding too much on our schedule. We also had some challenging logistics on our side that probably made things more troublesome for Rick but he never ever showed the slightest displeasure with us. His patience and positive attitude are really worth highlighting here because he is truly one of a kind. One more great example of this is when we received initial offers on our home. Some were all-cash and reasonable with quick closes and we declined. Was he mad? Not a chance. Here's a guy that we hired to help us sell our home and when he had an opportunity to sell it, we declined the offers. I would understand if he were very annoyed with us but he wasn't. He was on our side, plain and simple. No pressure, no attitude, nothing. He stuck with us and genuinely wanted us to do what was best for us. In the end it worked out great and despite having to cut a substantial check for his services (i.e., the standard realtor fee), I can assure you it was well deserved. Also, it's worth mentioning that his marketing material is second to none. The photos, website and print collateral are above and beyond what I received from any other realtor. Thank you Rick!


We recently had a great experience with our real estate agent Rick Richetta, who sold our home. Our home sold for way over asking price in a short time frame and it was primarily due to Rick's expertise and marketing. We had tried to sell our home with another realtor, but that was a disaster and we had to take the home off the market. We were very careful in finding our next realtor. In looking through many many listings, we saw Rick's homes. Rick's online listings set him apart, every one of his houses seemed well represented no matter what the price point. We felt that Rick was trying to tell a story with each of the homes he represented. He seemed able to find the strength and grace of each house and accentuate it. We arranged to meet him and his team and from the beginning we had a good feeling. Rick and his team, came to the interview well prepared with lots of study, research and the past history of our home. He is very honest in his assessment. He did not promise us some high price nor did he bombard us with the problems or our house like some of the other realtors. Instead, he used his experience and research and find the best angle to present our house. We knew we needed to do a few things to the house to bring it more in line with the aesthetics of today's market. After the initial meeting he presented us with a specific plan for how he would proceed to market, the schedule and the estimated costs, etc. He also made specific suggestions for what would maximize our sales price. Rick stayed very close to the budget and schedule they proposed. Our house was bought high so Rick was very conscious that we might not sell for higher than what we bought for unless we prepared it very carefully. He really had our best interest in mind. He and his team were able to focus on cost-effective things to do and handling all the work. Before we made a commitment with him, he and his team had already spent a lot of time thinking about how to tackle certain issues. Right after we signed the contract with Rick, his team started to work with various vendors to improve the house. Rick deployed an arsenal of pro's who worked with him to stage, photograph and present the home in its best light. We are basically hands-free and were able to continue with our busy lives. Throughout our process he worked through a number of creative solutions to help us get the best deal and was always willing to offer advice when we weren't sure what to do next. We felt we had a trusted partner whom we can rely on for unbiased opinions. After meeting he will write up a summery to go over some details. He also always answered our calls, emails and got back to us when he said he would) To sum it up, Rick has a high level of integrity and deep professional knowledge and skill. His professionalism, honesty, and organization/support team were all amazing. We cannot recommend Rick Richetta and his team highly enough.


In the stormy waters of east bay real estate, Alex is nothing short of a life raft. You will not find a more considerate, knowledgeable, genuine ally. His depth of understanding of the market, experience in house renovations, and gentle, practical, no-pressure approach will have you cherish his counsel. He takes the time to understand you, to help you develop your vision, and then to bring that vision to life.

JERRY B. | Buyer

Purchasing a home under normal circumstances is extraordinarily stressful. More so in the Bay area today. You need to be working with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable, has good judgement and can stay calm while you are overwhelmed and filled with anxiety; someone who can provide excellent council in evaluating the market, assist in putting together an appropriate offer, guide you through the process to avoid pitfalls and help in overcoming obstacles. Alex is there to help you in reaching your goal with understanding and care. He did just that for me and my wife. He can do that for you!

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Alex and Rick are known for their work ethic, patience, and dedication. They deliver technology, connections, and local knowledge to create a smooth and efficient buying and selling experience. Feel free to contact them today to start your home search or to sell a property!

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